Feelings…….we have many, we all have mood changes, are emotions can be high or low, we become angry,we feel joy, trust, surprise, sadness, and fear….feeling is an emotion…

Your emotions are your indicator into how you are feeling, they tell you how you are doing , it can even be information to protect us from harm…. it warns us when we should pay more attention, but sadly, we don’t always listen to our little interior voice…… or how we feel in general, we love to tell the world we are okay and we continue to hide our feelings, even to ourselves…..we surrender our inner power by withholding the truth even from ourselves, it is not a bad thing to express our feelings, in fact, it is a sign of strength, few are capable of expressing their feelings, only strong people know how to master this gift.

Once we accept and put into practise that our current reality or current life is a result of the thoughts we have been thinking. We place ourselves in control and in a position to create the future we desire, we can truly design our reality, everything will totally change as you begin to change your thoughts and your feelings.

You have this power to change our reality and life……………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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