So, what are feelings and emotions, how clear do you have this, do you understand all this, moods, emotions anger anticipation joy trust fear surprise sadness distrust, we could go on and on, is a feeling an emotion?……… Our emotions tell us, how you are doing, how you are feeling in the situations that life very kindly places you in, they will at times give us information on how to protect ourselves from harm, ………it gives us the first heads up to pay special attention to where you tend to surrender your power and truths…….

The most powerful feelings we have are fear, it is up there as one of the most powerful emotions we experience, and as emotions are far more powerful than thoughts, fear can overcome even the strongest parts of our intelligence.

What is an emotional person…………. An emotional person tends to feel things much more deeply and for a longer period than the average person, people you are highly emotional are often very deeply compassionate and self aware, but at the same time may feel exhausted from time to time .

When a person feels in love, the feelings can have you bouncing between exhilaration, euphoria, increased energy, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, trembling and even a racing heart, accelerated breathing along with anxiety, panic and feelings of despair when your relationship suffers even the smallest setback.

So what happens when you hold your feelings and emotions in? Holding back your emotions can lead you to physical stress on your body, any kind of feelings, love anger grief etc., It can affect your blood pressure, memory and self esteem.

Another big question asked about love is, is there a greater emotion higher than love itself, the answer to that is yes, gratitude is greater, when you have gratitude for someone or something, you hold no judgment regarding them or yourself, you can be grateful no matter what they are, even if they are sad angry kind happy or anything they are choosing.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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