Age 1

This is just one of the great things about age, and actually passing the years by, your whole attitude does change, not for bad I must add, but things do seem rather different and do not hold the same importance as when we were younger, little daily things that maybe at one time would have sent us crazy, we hardly even notice them in later years. They say that at times older people can be irritable and grumpy at times, I think quite the opposite I think years can give us patience and a better insight into various situations, however I only think this is possible if we maintain active both physically and mentally. 

age 2

When we embrace our age, life really can be happy and fun, why do some people fight the age barrier to a point of making themselves truly unhappy, they think of operating their features and look into a thousand and one things they can do, what ever you decide to do, one thing is for sure, is that you are not going to be 21 again and you are not going to look that way either, you will also find many people never change their style whether it be clothes or hair, this also is not embracing your age, when we change with the times and maybe the fashion trend we are looking much better and will feel it also, although you will know the famous saying of “mutton dressed as lamb ” nobody wants that look, women of today (and men) do not have to follow the old rules of yesteryear and have no necessity to do so, we need to have the ability to reinvent ourselves, without stress and anxiety, enjoy the age you are at, it is possible, regardless of the age it may be, how many stories do you see and hear now of people coming into their own in their late sixties and more, if you wish to keep going strong you will and you can

age 3

You will also find that women over the age of  40 today have lived experiences very different from previous generations , they have no need to cling to the old way of doing things, whether that be in behaviour or style. Society has also started to remove the wonderful labels they use to place on people, we have great changes going on around us both in cultural and fashion areas, of course I am sure we can thank to a great extent social media for this, I think they are responsable for this collective change. Social media have allowed us to find our tribes and niche in life !

age 4

This is also a big question today, long have gone the days when it was very badly viewed to be with someone new, whether you were divorced or a widow… we are free, to rebuild our life if we so wish, and society are behind you, you will be encouraged and given support, why should you be alone in life, when you enter a relationship in later life, you are more likely to know what you want, you will enjoy conversation and cultural activities more and maybe have an interest in common, love on this level is very different from a young love, it does not mean you cannot or will not have intensity, of course you will be able to find passion, but it will probably be lived on a slower more enjoyable level, Rome was not built-in a day, and there is no rush, values are viewed differently and a relationship at this stage of life can be very pleasant and rewarding for both parties.

age 6

This statement is so true, we do improve with age, we become more interesting and maybe(not all) have a wealth of knowledge, we become better on many levels

age 7

Enjoy your life today and always, we have only  one, and time waits for no one, so do not put of for tomorrow, what you could be doing today  !

Brooke Universal LIfe Coach



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