If you have various problems swimming around your head, and find it difficult to sleep,due to the inability of switching of or just organizing your thoughts and mind,why not try this simple exercise,take a sheet of paper and write down your problems and concerns in the degree of importance,on one side write the problem which could have a quick solution,on the other side place the problems that do not only depend on you for the solution,these will need more time. On each problem write a date for this problem to be solved and five possible ways it could be solved.

depression 3

Leave the list for a day or two before you decide which option you are going to choose to resolve your problem,giving yourself this time will help you see things in a clearer light and hopefully will resolve with less stress. Try to see your problems with a lighter mood and less emotionally,you have seperated yourself with your list,you have started to place order and concern,you are doing the best you can and not sleeping well will only make these problems seem much bigger and more impossible to resolve.

monday 4

There are also quick fix stress release,that you can do within seconds and receive fantastic results, with 5 seconds to spare (we all have that) just tell yourself you are doing fine,that you can cope and come through on top,believe every word because you can do this,simple self affirmations,you are the best and don’t every forget that. With 10 seconds to spare,stand straight,take air in through the nose and stretch your arms above your head,palms together,as you breath out through the mouth let your arms down and at the same time reach out with your fingertips,as you do this exercise confirm to yourself that you are calm and in full control,if you are out in public and can’t stretch,just pinch between your thumb and first finger and breath deeply. This is a great fix just before a meeting,interview or if you start to feel that panic feeling in your stomach.

Another great stress relief is laughter, laugh as much as you can,we all have funny scenes in our head,that whenever we remember we can’t help but laugh,well, just think of one of them,the stress with laughter just drifts away,so laugh,laugh and laugh it certainly is better than crying !!!

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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