A good breakfast gives all the benefits of a positive start to your day, learning, the ability to remember and to process complex new information. Children need a good breakfast to help through their academic day and help  them to not  to make silly errors, and to resolve problems. The benefits of a good breakfast influence the increase of glucose in the blood stream, which is turn activates a transmitter in the brain known as the acetylcholine. This transmitter is mainly responsable in relation to the memory, it has been proved that a lack of production in this area creates a problem in remembering new information.

Perfect breakfast

A complete breakfast should be rich en vitamins, mineral’s and other essential nutrients, but low in fat. The worst breakfast enemy is just a cup of cafe and to start to work, if we do this half way through the morning you will be so hungry and reach out and eat the first thing at hand,maybe a big baguette……..which could be  high in fat, which in turn will complicate our digestion system  and create gastrointestinal problems,if our blood goes mainly to the stomach and not the brain, our blood supply is less and this shows in  our mental agility and ability.

We should not be eating for breakfast creams,pastries,french fries,any pork,strong cheeses etc…………….You should be looking at cereals,bread,marmalade and fruit

healthy day 1

As mentioned earlier minerals are also a very important part of our daily healthy diet, for example insufficient iron have very negative effects on our memory,both in adults and children,babies and toddler have problems with learning difficulties and their attention spam,an iodine lack can also create difficulties in taking the initiative and the making of decisions,for this reason it is good to take iodine salt, fish,shellfish,meat milk and eggs are a good form of this nutrient. Magnesium will help with the neuron conducts and keep them in excellent state, others like calcium,zinc,selenium,copper are excellent for the nervous system.

Vitamin C is excellent for the firmness of our skin tissue and arteries in the brain Omega 3 (acid fat) can help with the memory and learning, it also helps in our anemic  state of mind, children you have a high intake of omega 3 have  better results in school, reading and writing,presentation of problems and general behaviour. Acid fat,omega 3 is found in oily fish, like salmon, dried fruits like nuts and fresh fruit especially kiwi.

An intelligent diet would include:-

Rich in carbohydrates,acid fats omega 3

To optimize our minds it is important to include proteins in our diet,it is essential to fabricate our neuron transmitters.

High in vitamins and minerals, for our brain to be well hydrated we should be drinking between one and a half to two liters of water a day.

What is not advisable for a healthy diet is alcohol,too much will reduce our vitamin B,coffee will give us a high then leave us with irritability and insomnia, too much sugar will elevate our glucose levels lifting our spirits,but later our sugar level drops and we feel tired, fats, too much will pass more blood through our stomach and not our brain

The conclusion we should be reaching now is that a good breakfast is very important, I am very much a coffee and go person, but I have the full intention of changing that habit, our positive minds can also do with a helping hand.

It’s never to late to start………..new things,good things……………………………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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