It is now a known fact that every thought we have generates positive energy or negative, and these are exactly the words which we express. They may indicate joy,sadness,peace or even a nervous state which will produce a well being or ill ease in ourselves and those around us, people who generally greet there family and friends with expressions of love and kindness, you will see  in them and around them that the electric/magnetic field that surrounds them changes in there show of affection. If we could see an image in that moment you would be able to detect well being,and balanced peace. It has been proved that we can obtain balance in our lives and that of others creating better feelings which comes about by what we say,those words will activate our nervous system for good or bad,or prepare us to defend or attack.

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Therefore lets be intelligent and give our words sense and content in a positive way. Its easy to put this into practise with people around us who may be down, but the secret here is the golden rule, if you start with yourself , feel good, have that well being and balance with in yourself and that will automatically be picked up by the people around you, so now you know this, make the effort use your thoughts and words well.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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