easter-basket moving eggs

Good Day to you all, I hope you are having a great Easter Sunday, and that the Easter Bunny have left you all lots of goodies, if you have managed to find them all…..(Don’t worry we can all do a little more exercise tomorrow)

Today should be a happy day, sadly due to circumstances we are living a different Easter this year, all around the world, normally a family day for us all to enjoy, it’s one of those great days, when everyone sits around the table to eat together as a family, and for those missing close to our hearts, we send them lots of love, love is a wonderful thing, spread love today as far and as much as we can ………. So today, we are going to send lots of love to all our loved one’s, knowing that in their hearts they are doing the same……enjoy your day with lovely memories, knowing that soon this wonderful day will take place, just on a different day…………we can do this …………

images easter flowers white and yellow

images Easter Sunday

16 Comments on “HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY…..

  1. Feliz Pascua para ti también, con mucho amor, este año es diferente… Guardamos todos la esperanza! ❤️


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