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Most of us enjoy music, and it brings out different things in different people, the rhythm and timing, again some have it others don’t, but we still all enjoy music, but, I have to admit, if you have rhythm and the people next to you dancing don’t, it’s very difficult to keep your rhythm going and keeping a straight face !! No seriously chanting, singing, dancing or listening to music can be fantastic to bring down your stress levels. And it is extremley powerful for us to get in touch with our emotions, visualise and memories, we all have a song that bring back memories…….Music has the power to intensify how we feel, it can help us to relax, it can bring on intense sadness, joy or well being. certain music can take us to a trance, while others total and utter peace within. So how does music do this, how does it have so much power, in simple terms we hear it ,and it is then passed through to our brain, which create neuro-chemical impulses, this in turn we bring out our emotions, creativity, imagination and intuition many of us, possible listen to music when we work on our blog, to get the creativity going, if we take into account that our heart beats at approx., 70 – 80 beats a minute, any music slower than that will help us to relax, soothe and even heal. And anything over that will excite us.However there is music made up of both kinds of beats this music will actually take energy away from us. And evoke more stress.

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Music is a very personal choice, so to pick out certain types is down to the individual, this is why maybe this “new age ” music is good for relaxation meditation visualisation, it is always gentle music, in harmony, many will say that meditation is a state of inward listening and music is not needed, that is true but at times it is good as a starting point for people who cannot just switch on or off, music can help to obtain inner quietness.

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Music should be a part of everybodies life, it can be company, it can rid you of your sadness, even if you cry buckets, you have released your emotion and you will feel so much better afterwards. It can make you happy and have you dancing around home, so if you don’t have music in your life, add a little, and if you do, just keep with it. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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  1. Very true 😊 When I am in one of my bad moods listening to my fav songs changes the way I feel in a jiffy ❤️ I have always loved music whether it’s melody or rock or pumping energy . Such a game changer 😊


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