It’s that time of the year,beautiful spring, but with this comes tiredness,mood swings, low energy levels, allergy season at it’s best. so,what do we do to feel great,inside and out .If you are struggling to stay awake,maybe your running on to little fuel,thinking of the summer and the beach and pool parade we all go through…….but if your lacking sleep,food,or it’s stress you can’t pull on the energy that you need to keep going, we spend to much time on energy consuming and not on energy producing.

energy 1

To have the energy level we need, you must sleep well which in turn will reduce your stress levels and eat well,this will create a great balance between mind and body,you will feel and be much healthier giving you the regenerated energy you need. As you know all food contains calories but the benefit we obtain depends on the type of food it is, any processed food full of preservatives,colourings and flavourings,by eating this you then spend most of your energy separating the ingredients that can be of use to you,you should be eating fish (salmon & trout) vegetables (dark leafy greens) fruit,nuts olive oil and drink tea this will fill you with energy power,however don’t eat burnt meat,fried foods,wheat,cow’s milk sugar.And don’t forget lots of juices and water, this way you will obtain a great detox, your energy will soar and if you add a little exercise, you are going to feel great going into summer ready to enjoy and make the most of those fabulous sun filled days. The summer offers a great time to enjoy outside activities, the most important is to get off. that sofa,walk,run,swim………….move, set yourself little goals,take time for yourself,meditate find your inner self  and enjoy everyday,live in the moment of now,

healthy week 2


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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