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Are we addicted to stress, we live in survival mode most of the time, we worry about the past and the future, all this activates a substance within us (the addiction) .

We spend a lot of time thinking negative thoughts, if you start to observe yourself  you will find that you spend a great amount of time thinking of the past and the future. The majority of people have a negative attitude because they live anticipating the next thing that is going to happen. and the stress they will feel and remembering the feeling from previous experiences. The majority of these thoughts and feelings are originally motivated by our hormones of stress and are survival mode. 

 Our bodies are so used to this, that when we stress this is activated, we tend to concentrate on three elements, we become hostile and create situations, our surroundings become a threat, so you would like to disappear , and time, you feel the need to run against the threat. Humans are dominated by these 3 facts, and we live in this survival mode. 

stress 3

So, we need to learn new techniques that will stop this automatic mode from kicking in, there are many reasons why we feel stress and if we can identify this, it may help us to release the thoughts and emotions we are holding on to, insecurity, hate, victim, guilt, shame, suffering, depression, frustration, fear, sadness, envy there are so many to mention.

If you wish to set yourself free, it is important to recognise what you are holding onto to (your addiction) When you can foresee your reaction, how you feel, when this is not set in your conscious, and you stop giving them attention, you will be in a position to break the chain of that which is   holding you back. 

When you have identified your addiction it is also good for you to write how you feel in that moment, your thoughts and emotions, allow yourself to freely write .

Brooke – Universal Coaching. 


  1. A very important post…some of us embraced that stress as our best friend at a very young age. It’s so important to recognize. Thanks, Brooke.


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