Are you in charge ?

How many times do we give control of our lives to others ? Recently on a personal level I decided to Recharge – Take charge,I really never had given the consideration needed to this subject, you see we go through our daily life, giving everything we have to our families (this we do with love but you need to remember yourself as well) our jobs,our homes,our obligations .

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You see, we do most of this because we want to and receive  pleasure from doing so,our home and families are generally our main concern,and should be ,they are probably the biggest treasure we will ever have in our life,but with this we sometimes make decisions, or not,that if we were in charge we would not make. Problems and obstacles come  most days of our lives,some are trivial and we deal with more or less automatically,but at times we are confronted with a major problem and this is where we lose the control,(the charge) and most of the time it is to fear.Today we are going to recharge to take charge, fear is a feeling,which we create in our minds,but this creation stops us from doing many things or decisions that we would make if fear was not present.

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As this is created in our minds,we could also decide not to create it, this comes down to simple mind over matter and what we think of ourselves,if we truly value our selves we would not allow this,we are worth more,we are worth everything we desire,in any field you wish to choose……this is purely a question of how we see ourselves,or better said how we think of ourselves,and feeling fear should not be included in how we see ourselves, if we have to confront our boss,employees,teachers,banker,doctors ? why should we feel fear,they are people just like our selves, however we  often are very fearful of this experience,so where does that come from………….yourself, you are telling yourself that you do not feel easy with this future conversation or situation,if you told yourself  this is a normal everyday experience would you feel different ? The answer is yes, this is something that by taking charge of,can change a lot of things in your life,you need to believe that you are in charge of everything that goes on in your life.You are responsible for the good and the bad,you create these daily events, if you hold a positive attitude and keep in charge of your thinking, you will gradually see the changes taking place in your everyday life ……….so take charge and put yourself in the driving seat of your life.


Brooke Universal Life Coach




  1. And know that God is on your side and with you, so there is no one or nothing to fear with Him on your side! What a great post, I go through this a lot being afraid to say something or of someone, like you said, why? Worth a reblog…so glad you did!! 🙂


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