Short of time today, so have decided to reblog a post, which I hope you will enjoy


Are you in charge ?

How many times do we give control of our lives to others ? Recently on a personal level I decided to Recharge – Take charge,I really never had given the consideration needed to this subject, you see we go through our daily life, giving everything we have to our families (this we do with love but you need to remember yourself as well) our jobs,our homes,our obligation’s .

You see, we do most of this because we want to and receive pleasure from doing so,our home and families are generally our main concern,and should be ,they are probably the biggest treasure we will ever have in our life,but with this we sometimes make decisions, or not,that if we were in charge we would not make. Problems and obstacles come  most days of our lives,some are trivial and we deal with more or less automatically,but at…

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