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Colour therapy, we are lead to believe that an assortment of colours can bring harmony to the mind body and soul. Again this is good to reduce stress levels, so you may find that the colour of your office, bedroom, home in general is setting you of balance and causing more stress in your life. If you feel that your home is lacking life dull by placing fresh flowers or potted plants around your home it could help a little. When you decide to change the colour of a room, please remember that not all good colours are good for certain rooms, for example, bright vibrant colours are great for a dinning room, they would be very bad for a bedroom, they can disrupt your sleep. The main colours you wear on a daily basis can also influence in your stress levels and moods. Dark colours can also cause dark moods, a little colour will always brighten you up. A colourful life is a happy life. 

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Lets look at some colours and what they represent………………..

RED……A powerful and very warm colour, strength and vitality.It will increase body temperature libido, heartbeat and circulation. Not good for people with a high temper, or high blood pressure and inflamed conditions. Magenta a good colour for people who find red to much. It also boosts vitality and is an adrenal tonic, then we have pink the softer of the red variety, this is good for everyone,but more so for the especialy fragile types who need a gentle boost. 

ORANGE…Warm and revitalising, giving joy, and energises the thyroid gland, and helps the respiratory system, but not good for inflammation, within the orange range you will find peach comforting and softening to the emotions and gold is good for healing in general. 

YELLOW…Warm this is the ray of the intellect, very good colour for energising the muscular system and the lymphatic system, also good for stimulating the mind. Within this colour scheme is cream, which is a well balanced colour and has no bad indication. 

GREEN…A cool colour this is the ray of harmony, helps with anxiety and brings peace and well being. It gives strength without stimulating. Can help with stomach and liver inflammations and calms the nerves. However it is no good for anaemia. Turquoise is within this scheme of green and gives a calming and soothing effect. It is very helpful in times of stress resistance to all passing infections.

BLUE…Cool and the ray of inspiration an relaxing, relieves inflammation helpful with jaundice low blood pressure will drop fever and helps with sleep giving tranquility. Dark Blue is within the scheme and is known for helping broken bones and fractures. However blue is contra indicated if there is fatique or depression.

INDIGO…Cool and the ray of intuition and relaxing, helps to reduce bleeding and excessive menstrual flow. Good for pain inflammation and swelling Purple is within this scheme an inspiritional colour, however like indigo and purple are not good for depression. 

VIOLET…Cool, the ray of spirituality and relaxing, stimulates the third eye, while calming the central nervous system. Helpful for stress, anxiety insomnia skin complaints and pain relief. However not good for energy or deep depression. Lavender is within the scheme and is good to soothe stress and alleviate insomnia.

CHAKRAS – Each chakra is associated with various parts of our body physiological functions and states of mind.


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Crown – pineal,transcendence spirituality

Brow   – pituitary intuition intellect

Throat – thyroid self expression creativity

Heart  –  thymus love compassion

Solar Plexus – pancreas emotional energy personal power

Hara – gonads vitality sexual expression

Root – adrenals survival instinct



18 Comments on “COLOUR THERAPY

  1. This is interesting. Thank you for posting. I tried to print to read again later, I could only print one page. You might want to consider adding a print button to your posts. Maybe? 😉 Have a good day! Laurie

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  2. I love this. We used to see an aura reader who realigned our chakras. I definitely believe in colour therapy. Thanks for the reminder of the colour meanings.


  3. I can relate the emotional changes with the colors. This is a very good info about the color therapy. But, how does it work? Does the colorful dressing change our mood?


    • Yes, it can affect everything we do, generally bright colours will favor good bright moods, where as dark colours tend to make us more somber, however red is very vibrant and can create a fiery tempered person to be more inclined if the mood takes them.


  4. Reading this makes me think of my 7 year old. She has a friend at school that wears black a lot. My daughter doesn’t yet understand what rock and emo and stuff like that is. The other day she told me she felt bad for her friend and I asked why. She said, “she seems sad”. Why do you think that? She says, “because her and her parents always wear black. That’s such a sad color. Don’t get me wrong it can be beautiful, but when you only wear black everyday it seems like you are sad about something. I couldn’t do that mom, I need color! I’m a colorful person, pinks, bright colors, that’s what I am”. It just made me laugh but then it made me wonder, what made her think that black was a sad color? I love how observant and perceptive she is. 🙂


  5. Love this article and how you describe the different feelings associated with colours. Check my blog! I talk about colours and give advice about how to best use them in your interior and life! Bisous, Laure


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