How many times do you hear people stating that all they want in life is to be happy, so what is happiness, how do people see and define the word happy, are we looking for special events, those moments of total euphoria where we think we are happy or full of happiness, to win the lottery, find the partner of your dreams, something that will take us to an all time high…… this really what to be happy is,


happiness choice


I ask you the following question, if you are down with the flu, what are you thinking ? probably how good you are going to feel in a few days time, when the flu has passed, then you will feel fine, imagine if that flu was a serious  illness that you knew was going to be a long process, not just a few days of high temperature and discomfort, your want to feel good would be much stronger, what we need to learn from this, is that, everyday we wake, we have slept, we have recharged our batteries, we maybe  got out of a nice bed and take a lovely shower with warm clean water, then we take coffee and breakfast, we eat without giving it a second thought, I would say that this is a happy moment, you should be feeling good and grateful, all it takes is a few seconds to realize this, but sadly most of us take these experiences for granted.


Buddha happiness


We are on automatic pilot and never even consider, that this is happiness, we don’t need to look for it, or yearn to feel happy, we are happy, we breath every morning, we live through various emotions, we are very lucky human beings, so it is time to take stock of everything we are and what is around us ,to be happy is so simple if you really know what you are looking for or maybe thought you should be looking for. Life in itself is simple, so why complicate matters more, happiness is all around us everyday, we are happiness inside and out, so enjoy your happy life ,enjoy the treasure you have and stop the eternal treasure hunt.


happiness daily 5

Brooke Universal Life Coach


7 Comments on “HAPPINESS……………………………………

  1. Great post.. I agree that life isn’t as abstract as it appears… Thanks for the reminder..

    I look forward to more of your posts. Following you now 😉

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  2. I get occasional glimpses of various wildlife on my way to work around 5am. I love it even if it is just a deer or a rabbit! They say people are as happy as they make up their minds to be!

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