Having a few problems with my Internet, so apologies to everyone, but I thought this old post, was worthy of another read……..Thank you


care for yourself 2

Discover and love yourself / Who are you, how are you and what do you want, what do you like and what don’t you like. your qualities and faults. When you ask yourself all these questions and can answer them and except those answers you can love yourself for the good and bad, and when this has happened you can give thanks. Find your own ways to be thankful, if you like the kind of person you are and you know where you are going, in a way you live with freedom and serenity.

Cultivate your hobbies and put aside the mobile/ I could spend all day listening to music, and you ? Find time for yourself, enjoy your passions that could be your family, your friends, the ocean, a good book the cinema… If possible during the holidays try to put aside technology , we miss some great moments…

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