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We all know the importance of breathing, but do we breathe correctly, when we have a problem in that area, is maybe when we pay more attention, when we have a problem with breathing normally, this can create stress, which can be seen as a panic attack, palpitations it will affect the whole mind/body ,it creates anxiety and depression.depression 3


Stress can then affect our energy levels, to feel tired all the time, to be disconnect, when we learn to breath correctly we can rise our energy levels and of course our state of mind and mood. You can test this by breathing in and out very quickly, after less than a minute you will feel anxious your heart will pound and you will start to panic. When this happens you need to calmly take three to four deep breaths from way down in the abdomen and exhale slowly.You will see that using this method, your mind and body will start to feel calm, with this we can learn that deep breathing can bring us tranquility and bring back our energy levels.

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What we know for sure is, we can go a few days without food, maybe even water,but without air (breathing) we are finished. Deep breathing will help us with our health, but also in meditation, relaxation and even in our creativity. 



Most of us tend to be shallow breathers, which means we only use the top of our lungs, which will leave toxic residues in our lungs, this in turn will reduce our energy and of course ill health. What can also contribute to breathing related problems can be due to bad posture and nervous tension. What is good for this is exercise, obviously over a period of time, to built up the energy you will need and to avoid discomfort with the breathing, outside activities are excellent, to be in the fresh air, walking, cycling swimming etc., there is always some form of exercise that will suit any age group. Apart from regulating your breathing, the exercise will release nervous tension and stress, as it releases neuro-hormones, which are our body happy medicine. If you do Yoga, you will know about the benefits to breathing it can bring, the technique used is extremely good for any respiratory ailments such as asthma, hay fever and bronchitis. This will encourage breathing through the nose and not the mouth.


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