We talk about our beliefs and changes we should make in our lifes, but many people want to make these changes but find they are stuck, they can’t go forward ,they try and try but never get pass that all important point, this can be due to baggage, emotional baggage, that we just love to take with us from place to place,relationship to relationship and into our everyday life, we have spoke about this before, infact I had a very good response to my post regarding emotional baggage, so I thank you once again for that,however after that I started to think about the mails I recieved and over a period of time have worked with a group of people to get them beyond this invisable barrier of being stuck……and I am happy to report that we have had great success, we first had to find the point of origin,this can be more than one isolated case, that had a profound impact on our lives, it can in many cases be something that we have carried with us all our life,by believing something we were told or had installed in us from childhood, even an endearing nickname given to us by family or not so endearing name during our school years, that stuck in our minds and have given us many hours of upset and just took our confidence with it, something that in fact probaly gave our lives another road than, what we would have travelled, we made decisions on feeling we could not achieve what we really wanted,that we are not capable,not intelligent enough………………………..etc, we just get stuck

change and think

A perfect way to get by this is to write, for example if you know what made you feel the way you feel,and who was responsable for this (NOT FORGETTING YOURSELF OF COURSE,) you should write a letter, this is a letter you are not going to send, but, you are going to take that weight away, of this heavy baggage you have been loading yourself with,for far to long, if you had a difficult relationship with your family or partner, write a letter, explaining how you feel and how they made you feel,knowing that you are a normal unique human being,nobody out there is like you, we are all special and totally unique and you must never forget this, it could be within your work place, with a co worker or your boss, whoever and whatever should be addressed using the method of writing to them, get your emotions out there on to that piece of paper, you can write as many letters as you wish, with each letter you will feel a lighter feeling, this also works very well when we lose a loved one, we miss the everyday conversation or just seeing them, we also feel, that a lot of things have been left unsaid,so a perfect solution to this is to write them a letter, as many as you like, I personally believe that all our thoughts are received, so we think as we write,and our thoughts carry on ………this is a personal view and understand that not everyone will feel this way. However regarding your load, I can assure you that we were very happy with the end result of our program,and by expressing yourself on paper will help you to move forward,above I stated not forgetting yourself, I say this because we first allowed this intrusion to take place,most times we are totally unaware of this but if you feel you need to write yourself a good letter, do it, you can only feel better,it will never make you feel worse.

So if you feel you are stuck, now is the time to free yourself and reclaim your life on your terms and  put pen to paper, express what you truly feel regarding your personal situation and finally put the past, where it belongs in the past.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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