We cannot control what go’s on around you, but you can control how you re-act, your emotions are your’s, however what you may not be aware of, is that although we have many emotions, it basically comes down to two fear and love, think of as many situations as you can, and then think of how you would re-act, fear or love will be the base of the chosen emotion. This is why we have to be very conscious of what we give out to the universe, if you wish for a promotion but feel you have no chance for the reason X you are thinking about it through fear, therefore you stay within this pattern, and just keep getting more of the same, when you approach a situation with love, you get love back.

Master your mind, and you can master your life. Everything in our life, around us, comes from positive and negative energy, Everything in our world is energy, the major question or the SECRET as people like to call it is on what vibration/frequency ?

Did you know, that plants re-act wonderfully to classical or smooth jazz music, they grow, they love it,when we approach people and children in a kind and soft way they respond much better, everything in a positive form comes back to you, when you move in the sense of dancing, exercise etc., you move energy and créate positive energy. But you can be affected by other peoples energy, when you are in the middle of an argument or tense situation, it is negative energy that makes us feel anger, sadness etc., we pick up other’s energy, you can defend yourself by thinking good things and replacing the negative for positive energy. The more appreciative and happy we are the more we get back.


When we feel uneasy in a place or situation or even danger, this is called energy in motion, this is how we attract good and bad to us, it is all through energy, when we want a new job, partner, house anything we attract it by the energy we put out, our vibration/frequency is what will attract the universe to give us what we want, and of course if this vibration/frequency is not aligned, we will continue to repel what we want. You are what you are, because of yourself.

You cannot transform every negative thought to positive, you would go crazy, we estimate to have 240  thoughts a min…..that is a lot of energy, you just need to start by substituting the negative for the positive, a few at a time, most of us work on autopilot and once we take on this, the habit will form. Negative energy is what blocks us, from achieving our desires, we may suffer back pain headaches anxiety,feeling ill or down before we do something that is not are favourite thing, this is all negative energy the needs to be removed. It can accumulate in the chakras, a wonderful way to remove this kind of energy is through dance and exercise, as mentioned before, move the energy. Good thoughts, positive attitude all negative has a positive, when you start to Exchange a negative Word or sentence for a positive one, your new habit will form.


Brooke Universal Life Coach




3 Comments on “EMOTION FEAR OR LOVE…..

  1. grand post , me encanta y la frase “you are what you are, because of yourself


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