Have you ever watched the process of making an excellent pot of tea,how the water flows over the tea leaves and slowly the flow of the water becomes the colour of the tea,it starts to mix with the clear water untill the clear water has gone,then it stands as one solid colour untill you are ready to pour,sometimes into a delicate little cup,sometimes into your favourite mug and sometimes out onto the saucer or your working surface,well, if you take this concept and think of your brain thats a little bit how we let our emotion enter into our thoughts,they pour in and they pour out,sometimes in a delicate way others like a elephant  in a china shop,some we contain and others just flow right out and over the top,if we are sad,we see things in a sad way,it allows us to see possible problems, if we are afraid we become on our guard,but the same way we can pour in positivity which gives us great strength to have a happier life, there are many different emotions just as there are types of tea, the POSITIVE EMOTION can generally without much effort be part of our day,but not just in that instant it can give and leave us with a good stable feeling,it allows us to be more flexable and creative,so we accept things in a better way,our attitude is more open and we allow ourselves to pour away the not so good things in an easier manner,lots of people wait for the attitude and mood to change to enjoy or resolve there issues,this is not so,with positive thoughts things are seen in a much better light. We also have RELATIONSHIP EMOTIONS If you are not happy with what you recieve from the people around you ,think before you say something,what we give out generally is what we get back most peoples problems are around them because of there way of communicating things,the quality of your relationships with others is very important,try to make an effort to get along with the people around you, you may recieve great benefits from this. EMOTIONAL CREATIVITY this will help us to create a better outcome, how you interpretate things and bring them around to your advantage,it will also allow you to resolve issues without boundries(this refers to your normal mental boundries and blocks) this can be used in your work place, ask yourself how you can make your work more satisfactory to you, its a question we do not often ask or answer,we need to be creative in our work place to allow us to feel good,this is not obtained from others,we must provide our own satisfaction and well being,we are the first to benefit from this,everything works out better because we care for ourselves.EMOTIONAL FUN when we feel good,funny when our attitude is on track,our general mental state is full of positivity which in turn creates a good atmosphere around us and we feel more relaxed EMOTIONAL MEMORIES this is excellent to put us in the right state of mind,to remember an event that feels you to the brim and overflows,when you feel you are in a difficult situation,full of stress,nervous bring that memory back , before interviews,exams any situation that causes you that uncomfortable feeling- take a memory fix ……………………….and always enjoy your life,by being aware of ourselves we are giving a great gift to those around us.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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