It is more than obvious that we do not live in a perfect world,for the very reason that we do not control world situations and some cases not our own family situations, however, whatever the circumstances it is important, that you strive to live within your perfect world,this may sound impossible to many,but,this is within your hands,and it’s your responsability to create for yourself this kind of world, you deserve it and you should make it happen..

This is possible by choosing the people that surround you,we all like some people more than others,maybe you are thinking about somebody you have daily contact with,that you do not choose,this is when you have to be the better person,for the sake of yourself,you have to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one,this person or situation will have a positive take on it, and that is what you have to work on,make this a more comfortable situation for you,we also have our pleasure time,the word itself indicates what you should be seeking, so take away the things that you don’t enjoy in your free time,you may be feeling that with the current economical situation you can’t do what you really want to,we all have moments like that,but again,you can improve this feeling, think of all the things you can do that do not take a toll on your purse strings, there are lots of things you just have to think and then act,every situation has a positive side and this is what you should aim for,don’t think that you are changing your lifestyle or activities against your are just adapting to different times,if you fell in love and changed for the person you are with would you feel bad….no, so adopt the same attitude and improve your life under your current condition’s,if you accept this you will start to feel much happier and content,and your world will start to feel perfect to you once again,your balance will return and you will start to look forward to your new interests and the company you keep,every down side has an up,but,some people just don’t want to acknowledge this and the outcome is that YOU become unhappy,why ? life is for living under the best conditions possible where you feel good, not somebody from the next town who you don’t know,you,this is not being selfish,because when you are happy and content ,people around will see this and feel the same way,remember like attracts like,if you put yourself into the right mindset you can enjoy everyday as you deserve..only you can do this and it really is a simple mindshift that can make your world a different place,get to know your perfect world and enjoy.



Brooke Universal Life Coach


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