When you really start to take notice of the power you have within, you can start to change your life and help the things you truly want to come into your life, you can help to create them into reality, having a positive start every morning will start you on the right road, when you step out with confidence in what you are doing and who you are, people will notice and respond to you in a different manner, you where not born into this world to hide away, share your talents and abilities with the world , because you will have them, even if you think, that this is the case, we have all hidden talents, that we are aware of, but through lack of confidence, shyness what ever you wish to call it, we do not use it, if you fail to use it, you are not using your purpose in life.

You deserve to have a happy life and to be happy, do you know what you want right now, could you finish this sentence? “I accept for myself………………….” if you can do this, you believe in yourself and what you are worth, if you reject what you really want due to your lack of confidence and your own lack of worth, you are closing the doors to your happiness yourself, how you feel within yourself and how you carry yourself and your thoughts determines on how your day your week month life goes……………it is all down to you, you are the important factor, if you have always been taken in by old beliefs, now is your time to change that, have enough confidence within yourself to take that positive change and start to create the life that you wish, the way you think and the thoughts that you process are the concepts that form those very beliefs that you can build your new on, and create what you truly want.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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