Public speaking – what a topic, I know that many of you, break out in a sweat and shake in your boots, just at the thought of it, not actually doing it, to a point being nervous is normal, you are maybe going to stand in front of a number of people, the amount really is not important, the effort on your part is the same if its 10, 100 or thousands…… and the points to be guided by are also the same, there are four principal points to take on board, when you know you will be a public speaker at many events and requested to do so many times, ……………………Always start with by being totally fired up with your subject and be tenacious, firm in your beliefs, because this is what you are going to need to translate to your audience, this is far more important than you can image, if only it was possible to be able to visualise the spirit and hear the heart of your beliefs, your audience would be totally engaged with you. If your start however is weak and without conviction, you will have lost them within seconds of beginning, it is important to maintain the same energy throughout your talk, this will feed your enthusiasm and that of your audience,just think how your self confidence will soar, your capacity to speak and convince , a perfect speech, both said and received.

Know what you are going to talk about, you really must be the master of your subject……….unless you know what you are talking about back to front, it is normal you will feel apprehensive before hand, however knowing the subject exceedingly well , will only fuel your confidence, no matter is requested of you your nerves will not be settled on that, as you know that you can comfortable talk and answer all that is asked of you, there is nothing worse than doubting yourself and your subject, this shows and people will pick up on it, straight away. It is also important that if you move, which is quite acceptable, the movement does not become a tick, the same movement over and over again will be seen in this way. There are a few tricks you can do with your hands and fingers forming a triangular open space, that can take care of shaky hands or twitchy fingers.

Third point, is to proceed with confidence, it has been said that the action comes after the feeling, but in fact both are closely tied, regulating the action which is under control of your voluntary impulse, which indirectly regulates are feelings. Again knowing are subject and confidence go hand in hand, no matter how much you prepare and take that deep breath before you go forward, a lack of knowledge will be seen, and no great effect will be made. Always breath deeply at least 30 seconds before you start, this will give you the oxygen you need to feel the bravery you may need, this breathing takes the nerves away. There are many ways to look upon your audience, some say to rest your eyes just above their heads and fix yourself to a spot as your guide line, personally when you fix a spot, it is very difficult to interact with your audience and this will give a feeling of being absent, and you could lose the interest of your audience, Dale Carnegie told his students to think of your audience as people who owed you money, and that they were there to ask you for more time to be able to pay, this apparently has a good affect. It is a golden rule not to hide behind any kind of aid for you on a stage, hiding away will resolve nothing, however if you stand behind a chair or a table and use it to lean on, this will help you to keep yourself under control………some great speakers of today, will hold a pen, place their hand in the pocket of their jacket or hold their glasses, we all find our little thing that make us feel comfortable and when we are comfortable we generally will do a good job, also try to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, if you are dressed very well, but, feel very uncomfortable you are wearing the wrong outfit !! Give thought to what you wear as “all eyes are on you” you are your business card, and first impressions last,

And finally, practice practice and practice, this could be one of the most important things for you to do, the more you do it, the better you get, if you totally fall apart time after time, maybe you should look for someone to talk for you, although everyone can learn to Speak in Public if you have already forgotten what you have read till now, remember this, the first method, the only method and a method that never fails to develop our self confidence for speaking in public, consists in talking…….this big problem reduces to one thing just practice and practice , anyone of us, can fall into an attack of nervous excitement, which has nothing to do with being shy , we can have this attack along with a little temperature , the only way to get the better of this situation and discomfort is the more you do it, generally the less these attacks will appear. Each time you will become stronger and more confident with what you are doing. Always go through your talk before your event, practice in the mirror if you wish to see the result you could be having on your audience !! Remember know your game, spring into action, have feeling and interest for what you are doing, use your voice and yourself to attract the affect you want, and dress for the occasion, remember you are your visiting card, best foot forward and good luck !!

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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