How many of you still believe in Magic, and why don’t you if your answer was maybe no or not sure, magic and children seem to go together so well, and for adults it’s a bit far out there, well let me tell you with a 100% certainty that magic exists for us all, and yes it is a question of believing ,but, we can make it happen if that is what we want. It makes no difference to who you are, or where you are at the moment in your life, a situation can honestly be turned around very quickly when we mix the right ingredients together,and there are no ingredientes that are difficult to get our hands on,we have everything within us, and we have the ability to change our whole life around.

I receive many emails, and many have been happily resolved and great lives are now being led, and this has been in relationships business health all kinds of problems from all very different people. It is a great feeling to see people led fulfilling lives. To achieve this all we need is gratitude in our life, we have gone over this many times, but many people do not quite understand the importance of this, gratitude is not just saying thank you when you have been taught to, gratitude is something far deeper than that.

There we have it, the magic in gratitude…….. for the magic to happen we need to feel gratitude on every level, deep down inside of us and to feel every emotion attached to every word, we have so much to be grateful for, not just the obvious we see we hear we eat,so many things that we take for granted, this should not be ignored, gratitude will work it’s magic where ever you need it, whatever it may be. The magical power of gratitude can turn your life around beyond belief. As you move through this process, at times you will see where you have gone wrong and what is missing from your life. You will see for yourself how great life is and good it is to be part of it every day, never doubt that, your life is always to be lived happily. You will find a clarity that you will have lacked before and the more gratitude you express the more wonderful things enter into your life.

Do you feel that your life is magical now ? The state of your magic will show you how much gratitude you have used in your life until now, when we examine our life and the main areas each one will tell it’s own story, don’t feel bad about this,maybe we just did not know enough before or the importance of gratitude to this degree, when we are not grateful enough we cannot receive more in return, we stop the flow, the same happens when we have a bad experience regarding money, we stop the flow because of the way we feel, we show no gratitude as we maybe feel numb and don’t react as we should,and this applies to every area of our life, relationships included, one that turned out bad, does not mean that everything that follows will, but we tend to place that in our mind and again we stop the flow, so as I mentioned before we have everything we need to block our flow and to allow our flow become total abundance in the area of life that we wish,it is understandable that after a bad experience in finance, health,relationships career etc., we shut down,even if we do not realise what we are doing, our mind puts down the blinds and are thoughts and emotions are not the same, we need to look beyond all this and try to see it with fresh eyes, this will enable us to feel and think of it as we would of before, with no bad experience as a reference, think just like we did when we were carefree and in total flow of our wonderful life.

This reason will be your why, we have also gone over this many times, at times your why can be the most important part, if you are doing this for someone else and of course yourself the importance should be on the same level. The magic formula is known as ” Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it ” it is thought that it is important to say the magic words to bring forth the magic, thank you the importance of these two words, always remember within your gratitude to repeat the words thank you also. This could be the difference between now and your magic life. Don’t forget that gratitude is a feeling,you need to feel as much as you can, feel deep within, the more you feel your gratitude the more you will have to be grateful for.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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