The quote above is really true, our life, all of us,no matter where we are at, has beauty in it, the problem is we choose not to see it, or simply can’t at certain times in our life, this usually happens when we allow others to rain on our parade, as they say, we allow others to influence us, in what we are doing and of course how we are feeling, nobody can get away from this, as we are all human and have emotions which tend to control our behaviour, concentration and of course our flow of life………………….. so what do we do and how do we recognise this before we slip in that rain again.

We are normally strong within our everyday life, some more than others and we work in full swing, we are on a mission and the flow is perfect, then……it happens something in our life goes wrong, wrong enough to affect our nervous system and our emotions, we have been rained on, even maybe hail stoned in the process,there can be many reasons for this, but which- ever one it is, it totally throws us of key, we lose the flow, the pace we were working at and we feel that everything falls apart. and in some cases it does fall apart, when we lose that motion, some of us don’t know where to pick up again, where to start,we know we have to get back into it, but how? which size fits? You may even feel that you don’t want to pick up the pieces,some of us choose to run away, the more distance between us and the “whatever went wrong” the better, this is not the answer.

You have to remember that when you were in your flow, you had probably worked very hard to get to the point you were at, this is where first of all you must value yourself, your time, your effort you and how proud you are of the road you have travelled…… you know what you are worth, so don’t forget for a second, keep it up there in your mind…. You owe this point to yourself. You also have to remember what you want in your life and that maybe you were getting closer or at least you were on the right path, nothing has the right to take those dreams away from you, your dreams and goals belong to you,they are a personal promise between you and the universe,no third party (person or situation) has the right to tear those down,again here. your worth and confidence within yourself needs to be remembered, when we go through these times of difficulty we have to be able to pull on our inner power,if you seek it out and not give in from the start you will be amazed how strong we can be and we are.

The secret to stop ourselves from being drowned in this down pour is how we talk to ourselves from the first day, the way we look at the situation will help us greatly or will help us to go downhill, it is important to hold a positive attitude right from the start,to value yourself and believe in yourself every step of the way, when you hold this belief strongly inside,it will create power for you, you will feel strong and face the situation, the sooner you deal with it, the better you will feel , the longer you leave it the worse you will feel, never take on the part of victim, feeling sorry for yourself will not help you, when we admit to ourselves that we all make mistakes and that we are allowed to do so, there is nothing wrong with that,this is how we learn and grow, there is no shame attached to making mistakes,and for those that never make mistakes or are not capable of admitting that fact,may never know the true sensations of life and being able to grow through life’s experiences. When we are true to ourselves life at times can take on a new way, no one is perfect and we have no need to be, liked and loved by others simply for who we are,we should not be judged for what we have or can give,we are simple human beings living our life the best way we can, do not feel guilty for that, not everyone will like or love us, you need to love yourself with all your mistakes and glories,

It is also important to remember not to be so hard on yourself, to feel guilty about getting wet is not going to resolve anything, when you question yourself time and time again for not seeing this storm on the horizon, that’s life, we do not see everything and we also trust, when we place our trust in a person or situation we tend not to see as much as we should, simply because we do not feel the need to. It is not our fault that these things happen, whatever it maybe, you will feel guilty, you will also feel anger that you did not spot any of the signs, why you may ask, why me, they say that everything is sent to us for a reason, and you may question this for a while, but one day, a little cloud will open and you will probably see or realise the reason why. As we continue on this wonderful journey called life, we live, we learn we feel and we experience everything life has to offer,just think………….how lucky we are to feel these emotions and gain our inner strength through true experience.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


One Comment on “HAS IT RAINED ON YOU ?…………………………..

  1. On any given day if we can get the body together with the mind together with the spirit, we have a real chance of living our highest and best life. If we could stop judging ourselves and others, that would solve a lot of our problems — perceived and otherwise!

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