This is my personal tribute to all women all over the globe, we are doing such an awesome job!
Friday 8th March 2019


Today is “International Women’s Day” 8th March, a day of great celebration, we have come so far. Today I have listed countries from across the globe, that just might surprise you about some of the facts

images International womens day first

ICELAND – EQUALITY – This is a country where women have more access to education and health, they also have more possibility to participate in political life and economics of the country. This is from a study conducted by World foro economics.

NIGER – SEXUAL FREEDOM – In this african country, as well as Chad and Camerun, which are part of the Islamic tribe known as the Wodaabe, the women rule, The women can have more than one husband and the single women can have sexual relationships with one or more partners as they wish.

ARGENTINA – EDUCATION – Over the last decade Universities have doubled, where only 50%  growth has been seen in…

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