Today is “International Women’s Day” 8th March, a day of great celebration, we have come so far. Today I have listed countries from across the globe, that just might surprise you about some of the facts


images International womens day first

ICELAND – EQUALITY – This is a country where women have more access to education and health, they also have more possibility to participate in political life and economics of the country. This is from a study conducted by World foro economics.

NIGER – SEXUAL FREEDOM – In this african country, as well as Chad and Camerun, which are part of the Islamic tribe known as the Wodaabe, the women rule, The women can have more than one husband and the single women can have sexual relationships with one or more partners as they wish.

ARGENTINA – EDUCATION – Over the last decade Universities have doubled, where only 50%  growth has been seen in men with a career. However 6 out of every 10 students are women in public and private universities.

JAPAN – LIFE EXPECTANCY – 87 years old seems to be the average in Japan, which is recorded as a world record. Study by World Organisation of Health (OMS)

TAIWAN – LEGAL LIMITS – Along with Canada, they top the top ten list of countries where there are no legal restrictions for women. A recent example of this is Tsai lng-wen who recently had access to the Presidental offfice, she is 59 years old and and educated in Law.



images international day middle

NORWAY – MATERNITY – This nordic country is the best to be a Mother, according to Save the Children , the norweigan woman choose’s when to be pregant and give birth with the best hospital treatment , they also have a 0.03% of infant deaths.


RWANDA – POLITICS – The Rwanda goverment has more female member’s in the world. 1994 they held 33% of seats, today they have 64% with thanks to the new constitution in 2003, where before 30% were always reserved.

DENMARK  – QUALITY OF LIFE – According to BAV Consulting it is the best place to live if you are a women, Eurostat also confirms that the Danish retirement community are the happiest in Europe.

AMERICA – BUSINESS STARTERS – The company DELL state that this country is number one business creators, women here live in an environment favourable for business, and great working movement in the private sector, they also have access to resources , a possibility of leadership  and growth capacity within their own companies. 

UNITED KINGDOM – MATERNITY LEAVE – 58 weeks of maternity leave, the longest in the world, according to OIT, the first 6 weeks with 90% salary, from 7 to 39 a little less than 90% and 40 onwards without pay. (It’s your choice of time) 



images International day women end of blog

Now you have an idea as to how other women live in different places around the world ! I found some very surprising….but it is nice to see that some countries actually give us a little helping hand, however that takes nothing away from us, without our ability to take action towards what we want, our unique side will never shine, keep up the great work ladies, we have a whole International Day named after us ! , that’s what I call recognition…………




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  1. It’s good to read some good things happening for women across the world. It shows how possible equality really is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Advanced Research Technology says:

    Hats off to women! I hope we continue to move forward into a place where all people will live in love and respect of each other, and that equality will be of such a nature that we will recognize our unique differences and value them in one another.

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  3. DaisyWillows says:

    Great and interesting post. I think I have a bit of travelling to do 😀


  4. Régine says:

    Si es el dia international de la mujer ! Como ma gusta de la forma que as hablado del tema !!!! tienes un blog tanta interresante, instructivo, habla de todo, con umor, con detalles, siempre con buenos consejos, la lista es larga…..y hoy es sin tuda tu dia ! “chapeau Madame” !!


  5. Sandra says:

    Happy International Women’s Day! This was a really interesting post, and obviously well researched. And my comment: I am so moving to Denmark before my retirement age! lol


  6. Miriam says:

    What a wonderful post celebrating women around the world. Thanks. 🙂


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