SPRING CLEAN …………………..

clean house 1

Yes, it’s that time of year again………..spring clean time, however if we take a few tips on house cleaning, we can have a beautiful clean home everyday, so when those unexpected guests arrive, everything is just so, don’t you find that many times your home is perfect, really picture perfect, but the day you are slightly less organised, the visitors roll in, has this happened to you ? well maybe this quick little article can help to stop that happening again…………and lets keep the anxiety and stress levels down………….

clean house 2

Do you tidy around before you go to bed, collect coffee cups, place cushions neatly on the sofa, collect magazines, newspapers etc,  this is a great help if you are going of to work the following morning, or if you were to have some one calling, when you awake everything in your lounge is neat and tidy and it makes you feel good in the morning, as it is probably the first thing you see, while making your coffee, the same with dirty dishes, never leave dishes in the sink, hopefully you will have a dishwasher and can pop them away, but, if not, never leave them, there is nothing worse than dishes the following morning, a nightmare ! and also your kitchen will not look clean. If everything is in its place, it is pleasing to the eye, and will give the impression of being clean.

clean house 3 

Make the bed in the morning, never leave the bed unmade…….it is a 2 sec., job, especially if you use a duvet, a well made bed, always looks the perfect part…dont procrastinate, there is always something to do in a home, if you concentrate on one room a week, by really cleaning deep, maybe one day the windows, another the woodwork etc., by the end of the week you have totally cleaned the whole room, plus your normal house work, when you have a vacuum, your work is halved, with a brush, which are used a lot on tiled floors, at times they  only serve to brush it from one side of the room to the other ! a vacuum saves time and shows an instant clean, 

clean house 4

It is also a great help when you plan ahead, knowing what and when you are going to do things, at times, once you are top of everything 20 mins a day is enough to get everything fresh and organised, use baskets where you can for storage and try to wash just once a week, I personally make lists, like I do for everything, this keeps me on track and up to date with my jobs, and if something throws me of track, I can refer to my list and see what I still have to do, great control!! However happy spring cleaning to you all……………………….The big secret here is for you to be in control of things and not things in control of you……..



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4 Responses to SPRING CLEAN …………………..

  1. Conni says:

    Love a good spring clean!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kiwinana says:

    My home has everything put in its right place all dishes are done before I go to bed, I cannot sleep if it’s not done. That’s the way my mother taught me, but times have changed. O’dear.


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