It’s here again, how does it come around so fast, Saturday welcomed by most, as we head towards Christmas time, these days are precious for our plans at the festive time.

As you know I love lists, and that would be my advice to you, we just cannot forget anything for these special holidays, and there is so much to do and to remember,try to avoid a last-minute panic !! we need to be calm and stress free, and enjoy every part of Christmas. 


So, maybe today over a great cup of coffee, you can do a little list, don’t overwhelm yourself, we still have more Saturday’s, before the big one, but, it has to be done. 

Think about what you will need, food, we all go over board with that one, so a list, stops some last-minute temptation creep in, presents, do you have everyone covered ? Yourself, don’t forget yourself !! what do you need…. if you still have not found the “outfit” give it some priority, the longer you leave it, the worst it will be, just imagine everything taken care of, you are so organised, do you know what this means…….peace, your mind can have a rest and so can you, enjoy these coming holidays and make some great memories to look back on, don ‘t make it a stressful time………………………………..

Whatever you decide to do today, breath,relax and enjoy your SATURDAY!!!


Take note !!!


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