The first point I would like to mention, is size, this is not a post insisting that everyone should be a tiny waif of a person, that to me is not healthy, healthy to me, is about the way you feel with yourself, obviously if you are extremely over weight it would affect your health, and you would be the first to be concerned. It is as important that you are happy, and have healthy habits and eat healthy food. You do not have to be a gym junkie, a pleasant walk is sufficient to keep the blood circulating well and the heart pumping at a good healthy rate, we are not all made with the ability of working out in the gym, it’s great if you can, but it does not mean we are not healthy if we don’t, some like swimming, (excellent exercise) and can be done at your pace the same goes for a bicycle, static or not. 


It is important what we eat, and I personally feel that eating  good healthy food and avoiding what is known as junk food, processed etc., we can maintain a good balance in the weight department as well as the health. Good natural food has all the nutrients we need, nothing is taken away, many under the pressure of time, will buy food  prepared, but with a little bit of organisation fresh food can also be prepared in a short time, and the benefits we are giving our body is tremendous. A well-balanced healthy meal plan is as easy to keep to as any other, when we are working towards a happier, more positive confident life, what we eat will show in us, are you tired, do you have dull skin, bad hair, nails , you see what we eat, will show in you ! 



So, we know that eating right will help you maintain a healthy weight, but your diet can have a profound effect on your moods and well-being. Junk food will give you a higher possibility of suffering depression, stress, bipolar,anxiety… Eating more fruit and vegetables, cooking at home, this may help to improve your mood and lower your risk regarding mental health problems.

If you wish to be successful in changing your eating pattern, you don’t have to eliminate all the foods you enjoy, to have a healthy diet and to make that difference to the way you think and feel.



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  1. I have personally grown to love living a vegetarian lifestyle. It’s not a diet. I choose to eat this way, and have noticed a definite difference in the way I feel. I believe that feeling good is a better way to live. I take supplements as well, because as you get older, I believe your body needs help in some areas. I have always loved vegetables, so it’s not hard to eat them and plenty of fruit everyday. I don’t have acid reflux anymore, and my digestive system is working better then it has in years. It was a conscious decision, and I didn’t wait until I needed to make a change due to health reasons. I just decided. I like being slim too. Again, I can feel the good a healthy diet is doing on not only my body, but my mind and spirit as well. That’s important to me!

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  2. I remember reading once to eat things that consist of one ingredient..but can be combined to create a dish. Fruit Salad, regular salad, meat, fish, potato, etc. I have to admit my biggest weakness is ice cream…oh so hard for me to give up even though I know it’s not good for me! Otherwise I eat pretty healthily. 🙂


  3. Weight control is rapidly becoming a bigger health issue year on year…not just with obesity… but with obesity related issues, such as stroke, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

    I’m currently designing a mobile health app that I hope will be the cutting edge of helping deal with this issue somewhat. I would love for some of your opinions if you get the time 🙂


  4. junk food indeed will make you feel bad when you already used to eating healthy. that’s happen to me. nice post!


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