descarga (2) saturday coffe

How true this is, Coffee, just the smell of freshly ground coffee is so special, I love the smell making its welcome way round the kitchen, this happens every morning, but there is something rather special about Saturday morning, even my dogs know it’s Saturday, everything revolves in slow motion, it’s maybe even a little later than normal, why not, if you enjoy that little extra time, whether it be sleeping or just thinking, thoughts float in and out of our heads, what will the day bring, how will your day play out, what will this wonderful day bring into your life today, if you spend it, just lazing around (if you have the privilege) or lovingly with your family, or even grocery shopping (urgh!) there will be something great about today, you just have to be aware of what is going on, focus in on it and enjoy it. It could be your child’s laughter or something cute they do or say, it can be your pet,they do extraordinary things as well, it can even be your plants and flowers that stand to attention when you step out or gently blow in the wind, there is something out there today, that will touch you in a special way, just be aware and focus, this is not a job or a responsibility for you to take on, this is Saturday (free day) but when you are at peace with yourself and your heart is open, you will notice these things with no effort, it is a natural process, when you notice the beautiful things that life puts right at your feet, so enjoy today,the best way you can and ………..always be happy .



4 Comments on “SATURDAY / SABADO

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Coffee is a great way to start a day, especially a lazy Saturday. Hope you enjoy yours 🙂


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