Meaning….”Push of early tomorrow’s Saturday “


descarga (2) Monkey friday

Well, we made it, yet another week ticked of our calendar, another week related to our past, how quickly history is made !

Every Friday I have the same thoughts, the same feelings, where does that time go !!

However, this week I decided to go through my diary and take stock of everything I have been able to do, including my beach day, it’s good, it’s really looking good, this makes me feel better, the time has flown by, as I always state, but I have a feeling of certain satisfaction, I did accomplish, everything that was on my schedule and that has a great satisfaction attached to it, I’ve also started to note everything new that I learn, and that is amazing, and most of that is thanks to you guys and your fabulous posts, full of information and different thoughts, so interesting. As time is of the essence for all of us, I will leave you with this thought……….



images (4) Saturday sunday !

Now, is that not a wonderful thought…………….as always be happy !

4 Comments on “P.O.E.T.’S DAY !!

  1. Love the face on that monkey. Smiles it’s the weekend now in NZ, so cold, waiting for Spring next month. Hope you are enjoying Friday.


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