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Do you burst our own bubble, are you the problem behind your progress, are you your own little block, many of us are, and we just don’t see it, we presume that because we have defined our goal and are plan of action and that we really know what we want, which is most important, away we can sail like a boat with the necessary wind behind it, to make record time, sorry the answer is no, and it is probaly down to you, at the end of a long day, do you start to recap, going through everything you have done, giving it a once over and the why’s, if so you may also start to over think certain things and start to worry about things, that infact have no importance. But every time you do this, you actually put up a little road block on your highway to success or getting closer to your goal, because you start to worry if you are going in the right direction. Why do we do this, at times it’s called self confidence in what you are doing, you are doubting your own capabilities..WHY, have faith, believe that you can do this, you are not against a clock, just go step by step and KNOW that you are going the right way, some of us take a little longer than others, that is not important, what is important is that your foundation is good and strong and that you are also learning as you go along, imagine, if you got there straight away, but learnt nothing on the way, every time there was a tiny problem, you would not know how to solve it, use your time well and learn, and if you make a few mistakes along the way, that’s fine, you are simply becoming more prepared for what is ahead.

At times, the biggest problem is when we have to eliminate, when we are aware that something or someone is of no use to us, it must be eliminated, removed as a problem, (please do not misunderstand this as using people, then just dropping them) we are talking about constructive tactics in turning your business around to be successful or making changes in your personal life, if you need to change direction, you have to do it, and this involves changes on all levels at times, not always, but it is possible and if you are not capable of doing this, all your dreams, goals plans of action, beliefs etc., will be powerless. Until you make these changes these things will be taking your focus away from what you really want or where you should be and sadly at times with who ? This is when you need to realise that later, you may be a better person or in a better situation to handle in a new light, these eliminations you may have to do at the present moment. 

You need to get a grip on your life, you need to be in control. Not a set of circumstances or people. Focus on what matters, as hard as it may seem, you are doing this for you, and you deserve to do this for you,you may very well feel capable of doing it for someone else, if this is the case, do you not think you deserve it also, you know the answer to this question better than anyone ? To reach the success you want be it personal or in a business field, you must stop all the excuses, we are great at making excuses to ourselves, that has to end,you cannot go through life criticizing others, you will be a very miserable person, what you give out, you get back. Don’t put yourself down because you are to busy making comparisons with others, we are all different, all unique, we are quicker at some things than others, we are slower than others, the list just goes on and on, your self worth is vital to achieve what you want, you are worthy, you deserve and you can do it, look in the mirror and repeat that to yourself, until the message is loud and clear and you truly believe within yourself that it is that way. And never value the opinion of others over your own, don’t confuse instruction or expert advice with general tickle tackle…leave that for others. You know when you are right, your inner power kicks in and the direction is usually correct, nobody is perfect and nobody is a star player over night, it’s a step by step process, do not be afraid, if the way you have chosen does not seem to be working out, just try it another way, never be afraid,you learn with every step and just keep working towards where you want to go. 


  1. I think the key word here is focus. Making sure how focus is where we want it to be. And if it’s not, shifting the focus. That’s what I have to do in my life right now. Great post.

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  2. Some great thoughts in there – I’m great at talking myself out of stuff and end up regretting it.


  3. Excellent advice here. Got to get rid of the toxic people in your life. It is so important. Say I had just got out of rehab and I am a recovering alcoholic (hypothetically) . The first thing I do is answer Bob’s (my best drinking partner) phone call and get invited to meet him at the local pub or bar we usually hang out in. Now Bob is not a bad dude. He is on his path doing his thing. I on the other hand put myself in rehab ,my life was falling a part and I released alcohol wasn’t helping. I had to set out on a different path. It may seem cruel but I don’t think me rushing down to our old drinking posse and having a glass of pop or whatever is going to work . Unfortunately, Bob and his issues are what they are his. I have to change how I have lived -I have to cut Bob loose. Nice guy but toxic for me. I would be back drinking in no time no matter how good my intentions. Miriam is right focus is so important.


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    • Thank You so much for the nomination as soon as my computer is back i will display the award and accept in the correct manner thank You once again


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