Crystal blank for award on black

Crystal blank for award isolated on a black background with a clipping path– Big thank you to David, for the honour of this award, it’s so original, like the great blog David has, The summer is creeping up on us, and if we are not yet ready to bare all on the beach or around the pool, pop over right away and achieve the shape you are looking for, he has the solution !! 

He requested me, to tell you what makes me smile, well that could be a number of things, this very award made me smile, I wake up and smile (another free pass) I’m alive !! I open my windows and doors, see the mountain range, the countryside my garden I smile and of course we must not forget my faithful dogs, they make me smile my family I really could go on for ever, but I promise I will not, let’s just say I have things in my life that make me smile !! 

I would like to nominate this great award to:-

The Rules:

Show the Award on your blog

Thank the person who nominated you

Tell, What makes you smile

Select other blogs, (the number is up to you)

Copy out the rules.

I hope the above nominees accept this award, however it is not an obligation and no offence is taken if you don’t, it would just be really awesome if you spread a little more love around the blogoshere.

Thank you all



15 Comments on “SMILEY THUMB AWARD

  1. Congrats!!!
    I love all the little miracles that make you smile 🙂
    Thank you for accepting this award and for your kind words.
    Big hug, David


  2. Didn’t know what to make of the title – ha ha but I can see it a a positive – smiling is contagious and is what makes us truly beautiful xx congrats Brooke and to the nominees 🙂


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