images Taste

Taste is actually part of our smell, most of the time we need to smell before we can taste something. So we need a developed smell to have the ability to enjoy many of the fabulous flavours that are available to us. We can always encourage our taste buds, by trying different foods, fruit, has a wonderful range of different flavours sweet sour hard soft, just think of how many fruits you know. You can also try olives, cheese, croutons and dips, the choice is ever ending, chocolate, drinks, vegetables, this can also be a great game at parties, you will need a blindfold ,fun but adds a little knowledge !! I also believe its a great game for couples !! I’ll leave that one with you…………………If you are lucky enough to have an orchid or you are close to the countryside, or grow your own green’s, your relationship with nature is once again bonded, the benefits of planting, watering and watching it grow will give you increased pleasure as by simply buying in the supermarket, caring for plants, green’s nature in its pure essence is very rewarding to your nervous system, relaxation is guaranteed. If you are low on outside space, a good box is great for growing herbs or a little veg., you cannot compare the taste to home grown with any supermarket, terrace and window box garden’s are very much the trend today. Give it a try and feel the inner peace your little piece of nature can give you. 

images touch

Touch – Do you know how many things you touch a day, we probaly take our sense of touch for granted, do we really feel what we touch,a similar game can be played with our sense of touch as with our food taste, try it ! We touch many different shapes, surfaces think before you touch things, we really don’t under normal circumstances, when was the last time you took a brown dry leaf in your hand and closed your hand, the leaf breaks into a thousand pieces we feel different textures with every movement of our hand, we squeeze lemons, collect peebles on the sea shore, collect feathers, we take cream and care for our skin, hair etc., but how much of all this do we really feel, I know we are all very busy, but take five, enjoy your sense of touch…….. its your’s , imagine if you did’nt have it.

images imagination

Imagination is fluidity of mind. We can use are imagination to go from choas to wonderland. Did you ever or still watch the clouds and imagine what you can see in them, or we look into a tree and see faces. But we really should stretch the imagination as much as we can, we can see the future that we want, we can create our reality and slowly bring it to life, incorporate a little bit more everyday,when we can see in our minds what we truly want and hold it there, we can have it. We control our mind, our mind does not control us. Our imagination is available at any time on our personal request, so why do we not make more use of it, and truly create what we want in life. Conform should not be part of your vocabulary, ever, why should you conform if you do not have what you want, see it create it. If we use all our other sensory perceptions, we see, we hear , we smell, we taste, we touch and all those things are what we want to see,hear,smell,taste and touch, so why should our imagination be deprived of what it can do for us. Please give it an attentive thought. 

Tomorrow- to complete this little section, I thought you might enjoy some Sensory Evocation Exercises, I think you might enjoy it……hope so. 



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