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Don’t panic, this is not a challenge, I know we have one starting today, and another fantastic one for next month, this is just the name I thought was appropiate for this post. 

Strength, I am not talking about physical strength, this post is about inner strength, we seem to be always facing hurdles, bumps in the road even the Himalayas…. and at times it gets hard to carry on, but we do, why is that ? Emotional strength is something that women seem to be good at, I’m not saying men are not, but a higher percentage of women handle it better. Why ? maybe because we allow ourselves to cry, when you show your emotions this is not a sign of weakness, you show you are strong, and will get stronger, we also have hope(faith) that it will get better, and we have the strength to hold on. Your strength will always come from within, you know and trust yourself well enough to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we are born to survive, we can forgive easier although we carry the scars with us, it takes more strength to let go, than it does to hold onto something that is inevitable. (This is not a contradiction of above) we all know that there are certain things that are not ours to hold on to, we cannot stop death,it is the law of life,and in the case of a bad relationship, why would we want to hold on to something that is bad, it is not good for us, or the family involved in this, in these cases you have to be strong to let go, even when you know it is for the best. Everything that comes to try our strength, and it can be many things, the first thing you must realise is that it is your story, not anybody else, you need to own it completely, try to stand outside it and look in….you need to take one day at a time, I mentioned not long ago tomorrow has gone, we cannot change it and tomorrow is not here yet………


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You can have financial, strength, professional strength, emotional strength but if you do not have spiritual strength, none of the rest matters. Strength not only shows the ability to persist but the ability to start over. When you have that feeling that little voice that says “I can’t do it” your louder inner voice will say “YES” you have the strength.

When a woman talks of wanting a strong man, she is not reffering to physical strength, she is talking about his emotional stability.

One of the secrets to strength is the power of loving yourself, if you truly love yourself, is there anything that you would not do for yourself ? To make yourself happy.  To walk your path, you have to understand it, this is why at times others have difficulty coming to terms with your reactions.It is a good policy to end your day with a positive thought, however hard it may be, tomorrow is another opportunity to heal, to grow stronger and to find yourself again. 

You have to remember that at times the aftermath can be worse, when you live through your trauma, whatever it may be, you have to first realise that it has happened, it is a fact, and that it is not your fault, it is the first step in moving forward and moving on.


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These are for you, keep going, find your strength and keep moving forward.


  1. Wow! How nicely you have described the original strength. After reading your content, I realized that the power is actually ” loving yourself “. To move forward in life one needs this power first.

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