descarga (1) giving from the heart

The world changes around us when we open our heart’s, your world can change also, if we know how……

We first have to change many things we believe to be true, that even science have admitted to have changed over the years, everything we have stored regarding our beliefs were told to us in good faith, but it came from someone else, making it there belief and not yours, when we are in a situation or we think of maybe something new, we tend to instantly think ” What can I get out of this ?” it’s normal don’t worry about this, but, if we were to think “What can I share with this ?” The outcome is totally different, you agree ?

The thing is we look at things with our head (our ego) but if we pass it to our soul and spiritual heart, you will become aware you will discover awareness, and you will love awareness, it gives you clarity and it gives you a complete shift, you will feel the identification from ego to your spiritual heart, this pours love, you see things with love, love for where you are, for what you have, for what you can give and for who you are, With love in your spiritual heart you will easily be able to explore the reasons behind (the why) you feel hurt, anger, despair because of your new found clarity you will explore yourself, you need these answers because these are your blocks, this is what is stopping you from being aligned with the direction you want to take.

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When you know yourself, you can expand and become who you really know you are. We all go through traumas and strong situations none of us get away from this, but I know that some suffer more than others, however when we realise and see this in the correct manner it was sent, you know we are never sent anything that we can’t handle, even if you think differently you are never alone , no one is alone, the universe is always working with you, although you may not see it that way, we are being told we need to learn something from this ? When you accept the situation and not see yourself as a victim, you start to organise yourself and see the light at the end of the tunnel, when you have this ability you start to relate and this is when the hardest part comes, you have to work through this, if you imagine yourself as an onion, you need to start to peel of what you have carried for to long, you need to express yourself this can be with tears, if you need to cry do it,this will release the energy that is not good energy (this could be your victim energy) but you have to release it, peel it away just like a band aid, it may hurtt, but when released you are going to feel free, you can talk, write what ever method works best for you, you will start to feel safe again, when you shed these energies doors will start to open for you, things will come your way and you will see things in a different way. If you need to forgive someone, do it with your spiritual heart, if you don’t you are going back down the rabbit hole, and onto the level of the one who needs forgiveness, you don’t have to face anyone to do this, just do it with your heart. Remember the universe is on your side – ask the why’, see the solution and work with the universe- then you will find and feel your shift.The universe conspires with you not against you (you are not a victim) You need to embrace your problem.

You have to create your vision of what you want in your new life, to be able to leave behind what you don’t want.This is not just a mind thought, you have to feel it in your heart, it’s an emotion , which will flow from your heart, by unlocking your problems, you remove your blocks and you can heal yourself. 


images hearts & hands

Our first step to finding our purpose in life is to peel of everything you don’t want, then you are free and can find your true life purpose. You need strength to believe in yourself and the doors and situations you need will start to open for you , use your spiritual heart and find love in everything you do. 

14 Comments on “SOUL & SPIRITUAL HEART….

  1. It’s so true and somethings I’ve only come to realize is true because, after all this time, I finally know myself. Before it was just a concept. I thought I knew, only to realize I never did until the moment I actually did.

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  2. Amar ! y abrir su corazon una buena forma para eliminar mucho sufrimientos…..


  3. This is a really great post! It is best to get out of our head and into our spiritual heart. When we transition, from seeing who we are as what has happened to us, to the universe using situations to break us out of this rut, we open up into our true selves and what we are meant to be.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece. I can relate with every line in the last paragraph. Washing off all unwanted residues, believing in yourself with love in your heart is way to go in realising one’s true life purpose. Absolutely agree!


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