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My post yesterday mentioned being calm, to be able to step through your opening door, to be able to see it clearly and not miss the opportunity, that is being presented to you

I also mentioned that when you need to step back due to your chaotic mind, it is a message being set to you, to calm down and prepare yourself and state of mind. Maybe you know how to do this and maybe you don’t, so I thought I would share with you today what works for me.

1.   We carry around so much information with us, that at times it can all become far to much to handle, we feel agitated and feel that our mind might actually explode, we have great capacity but enough is enough, we reach overload and in this state, we are little good to anyone and more importantly ourselves, so I like to find a comfortable spot, where it is nice and quiet, I close my eyes and breath deeply, until I am breathing comfortable, I then visit one of my favourite places, I am sat in a big chair inside a beautiful patio, full of ivy spreading across the old stone walls, the sun is warm on my skin, and at the end of the patio is a decorative large iron gate, where i can glimpse a view of the sea, moving on the horizon, I walk towards the gate and step out, there is a mixture of small peebles and sand under my feet and I can hear the small waves ebbing and flowing on the shore, I can smell the sea, I take in deep enjoyable breaths, and let the sensation flow, I feel free, calm and at peace, I stay there taking in this beautiful view and feel the slight breeze and sunshine on my skin, I am at one with my mind, I stay until I am ready to leave, to stroll back to my chair inside my relaxing patio.

This is my favourite place, but you probaly have one of your own, I have used this many times for myself, groups and private one to one clients, you are left, free, a clear mind and ready to face your day to day, and all those doors that are just waiting for you.

2…Another method I use, is finding always a comfortable place for you again quiet and that you are fine, this time I imagine a large cupboard or wardrobe with lots of seperate drawers, I imagine a very old piece of beautiful furniture, full of little drawers and pretty porcelane knobs, I start to organise what I have in my mind, some days this is easier than others, I’m sure you know what I mean! Once I have organisation I choose a drawer, I open the drawer and deposit my thought inside I have a little mental conversation with this thought and close the drawer, saying hasta la vista until another time when I need it or wish to draw information from it. I repeat this process until my mind is clear and everything has been placed into my personal filing cabinet, this method is great for your organisation skills and allows you to get ready to take on more information needed or not !! you see it does  matter if you know how to file away your thoughts, anxiety or what ever it may be that is agitating you and blocking your view of what is right ahead.

3…Meditation….the medicine to quiet all minds, if you have the art of meditation,which is wonderful,but many have problems with this. When you master meditation it allows us to connect and listen to our very own soul.

I hope that if you have problems with an over excited mind, which most of us do,we spin plates  in every direction, we are curious and we love to learn new things everyday. Add to that the everyday stress that we cannot always avoid and the other little bumps we cross on our path, that this will be a tool you can use and find instant relief, enjoy stay calm and stride through that door, you deserve it !!

” The human mind and the entire life process is chaotic, Chaos is not something that lacks order chaos has varieties of order within it “

Let me know if this works for you ? 


  1. Meditation moves us out of our mind and chaos into a place of peace, organization, and control. It is interesting to note the interplay between mind and spirit. Once spirit takes precedence, the mind naturally attunes.


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