The true meaning of giving is better found in what you are willing to take from yourself. What is to give – to offer something to someone.

To do something voluntarily and without expecting compensation.

When we work with the Universal Laws, you will know that the more you give the more you will receive, we are not always talking about material things here, think of the boomerang affect, when you are kind and understanding with someone, would you not like to receive this back, what we give as everyday people from the heart, through our thoughts and actions, is what appears most in our life’s, like attracts like, it is important that we give to others, it can be our time, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, to be a good unconditional friend, anything we can do to help others through there problems or everyday life, the more support we can give, the more support we will receive when we are in a situation in our life’s, or just knowing that support is always around you in your day to day, to feel protected, cared for and loved are important to all of us, you must try to put yourself in the situation of the other, and think how you would want to be treated, all this is giving part of yourself, and is totally free, to give and to receive, the only value you need is human value, our financial situation does not come into this, it’s just pure thoughts and heart, expressed by giving your time to be considerate and caring. Christmas time, is always special regarding giving, but unfortunately many people only concentrate on a physical gift in the giving process, everyone enjoys to receive a gift, but we should always remember that giving, true giving from the heart, can mean much more, to those who give and to those who receive.

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