Energy – In physics energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms, but cannot be created or destroyed. The “ability of a system to perform work” is a common description, but it is difficult to give one single comprehensive definition of energy because of it’s many forms.

Are you aware of your energy, the way you carry it with you, and the effect it may have on other people. your energy (Vibration) is what allows you to converse one on one with the universe, if your frequency is right. This I am sure you already know, it’s the basics to the Law of Attraction, ( if you don’t I suggest you read  my book “The basic recipe to the Law of Attraction- Amazon B0147FX9Y2 ) When you incorporate your ability, believe, changes and remove your denial, your Energy will be raising all the time, enabling you to achieve what ever you wish from the universe, you can cosmos order at your desire, people who generally are successful and happy in their life will have a good energy level, they will be confident in what they do and there general appearance, they know how to work with the universe,and the universe loves to work with them, you share the same frequency,like the genie in the lamp ” your wish is there command” but, as I have said many times before, you must do your part, you have to take the steps necessary to reach this level, and always take action when the universe presents you with an opportunity. Have you ever been in a situation when you don’t feel right, something makes you feel uncomfortable with the surroundings or the people present, it could be even a restaurant, when you have this feeling, it is a good indicater that the energy levels are not the same. when you feel comfortable with your surroundings or a person you  are on a similar frequency.So keep working on A B C & D and get your energy level to where it needs to be, 17 days to go. Remember you always recieve back what you give out, this is known as the boomerang effect.


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