Denial – A refusal to comply with or satisfy a request. A refusal to grant the truth of a statement or allegation, a contradiction. In the psychological world, denial consists of the refusal to accept a past or present reality and is most commonly employed to protect.

So, 18 days to Christmas, is your block denial, are you in denial ? and maybe are not aware of it, You hopefully have found your ability, you believe anything is possible and you are ready to change, but, again are you in denial ?, if this is the case, the work you have done on the previous A B & C, will not help you to move forward, if you are in a deny mode, why would you you deny yourself your right to be successful and happy, it is your birthright, to have everything you desire in your life, but if you are blocking yourself due to denial, because you feel you are not good enough, that the competition is to great, because others are better than you, you have to have it very clear that you are totally unique, in everything you do and are, your abilities,belief’s and what you change are all unique to you, your competition does not have what you have, your determination, your will power and your inner power are all exclusive to you, and when used in the correct way, can bring to you exactly what you are looking for. so you have to put aside your denial, why should you deny to grant the truth to your life, the truth that you want to achieve in your life, it is your’s, and you are always in control regardless of your circumstances, today, right now. everything can change, your abilities can be more developed or you can find them for the first time, and when you believe that you really can do this, whatever it may be, you will remove the denial, because it becomes a puff of smoke that just disapears into thin air. Do you see how this works ? do you now start to see that you control all of these things, through how you see yourself and the thoughts that you have in relationship to that, if you are looking for the perfect soul mate, a stable financial situation, a better job, what ever it maybe, if you think of yourself as not being good enough to have these things, you are dennying yourself of those things,you block yourself every inch of the way, the frequency that you operate on; (your vibration) is sending out the wrong message, it is sending out what you think and feel deep down, so you recieve pretty much the same, time and time again. You hold the power to change all that, you are unique in every way and worthy of anything you set your mind to, no matter what that is. Take note, and let’s see who is around at Christmas, your old self, or this strong confident person you have been waiting for, to get you where you want to be in 2016.

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