We all get frustrated and a bit forgetful from time to time,but don’t panic just yet it can be quite normal,things such as keys,glasses,confusing your children’s names,go to look for something and then can’t remember what your looking for, or just can’t retrieve a name a place, when it’s there right on the tip of your tongue, believe it or not these things are quite normal……We all get that way at some time, nothing to do with age or circumstances, however there are some amazing things we can do to help ourselves from making this a permanent problem in our lifes:-
Sleep, is one of the most important things, deprevation can seriously affect our memory,mood and how we generally go about our daily duties,we must try to avoid phones,computers etc from the bedroom, the light they transmit stimulates your brain and does not allow you to fall asleep, the cooler the room the better, a warm bed is nice,wind down before bed time and relax, Check your blood pressure, high blood pressure is greatly linked to dementia,you should check this on a regular basis.


Walk, it costs nothing but the benefit is tremendous, it really can take your memory problems away, it’s great for your health in general,but great for stimulating the brain, to obtain cardiovascular benefit also a good brisk walk of about 30mins, as often as you can, every day if possible, doing this on a regular basis will give you a great ability to plan and organise your life. It raises a key protein in the brain area that is essential for learning and the memory.

Another freebie is the sun, this get’s the level of vitamin D raising, and of course the best thing is sun, try to get out in the sunlight as much as possible.

Dancing, a great way to keep fit, but also is the challenge of learning new steps and routines that keeps the memory active, it’s a great hobby and can be enjoyed alone or with your partner, quick on your feet, quick decisions and movement.

Food glorious food, an important point to keep dementia away, the mediterranean diet is by far the best, rich oily fish,olive oil,vegetables,red fruit and walnuts for good vascular action, also wholegrains red meat and added sugar is advisable for type 2 diabetes, as this is highly linked to dementia.

Get out there, socialise as much a possible, to be around people is a great simulate, it’s not healthy to be totally isolated,to learn new things and a change in your routine are all favourable for keeping the brain active, if we are occupied and always up for a challenge both physically and mentally, we will always benefit.

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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