We are going  to make our dreams come true, after receiving numerous mails, all concerning the same thing, we ask and ask but nothing happens?…….. this can be for various reasons, but the principle little culprit, can be, us and our energy vibration, it’s a question of wish/desire over need, these are two very different things and give completely different energy and emotion, when we need, we can come from a place of desperation total fear, anxiety…this is not good, we send everything away from us, the fear  alone will cause a fright!! when we wish or desire something we get an up lift, we are happy and excited just thinking about what we desire, and this will bring a totally different energy. If you wished for a fantastic ice cream or a spoon of olive oil which would you look forward to most !!!! Your energy and emotion would be totally different, and this is how it works when we have our one to one with the universe, for the message to arrive we have to deliver, the messenger has to know how to do their job, (this is harder said than done) I admit to that, but if we think of our ice cream experience, maybe it’s easier to understand where we should be emotionally,when we set free our wishes to the universe. Can you see the difference ? if you can master this you may well be on your way to seeing your dreams come true. If you think back to something you desired, it could be a dress, a book, a holiday and suddenly everywhere you go, you see what it was you wanted, think how you felt at the time, you were probably very calm, happy and knew exactly what you wanted, this also is very important, when you identify your object of desire, you would love to have it but not a desperate need, even if it is money, it would be nice, but if you feel desperation you only keep it away from you, maybe thinking more of the pleasure of having your desire will keep the fear at bay, the emotion you hold (the energy) will depend on the flow of its journey.

You are the artist to your own reality, every choice,action and feeling contribute to your beautiful life.

Enjoy the ice-cream……………………………

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