Do you remember as a child, the imagination we had, our power to imagine had no limits, we could be what ever we wanted, when we wanted, we could transport ourselves to anywhere or anything our imagination would take us………….so how did we lose that inner connection, the truth is we never lost any of it, just the believe to do it,it’s what society calls growing up……….but we are also told that we have an inner child within us somewhere, we just have to find it again. If you can imagine that your life now is problem free, no issues of any kind, would your imagination be able to get carried away, to the places and person you always saw as a child…probably yes, we create are own blocks through the problems and issues we collect along our adult way, but it has been scientifically proved that what we think is who we become, we actually create our own reality,so many people think how simple is that, I think good things and good things happen, that would be true, if we believed that, but, sorry to say most people don’t, deep down we don’t believe this theory,why because we were forced to leave our imagination behind and become adults, I say forced because we are told to grow up, see reality as it is ???? (who’s reality,probaly not yours) we never question this because people we love and respect tell us this is the way to go, they are not wrong, just slightly misguided by the way they were told to do things and we tend to repeat the pattern, and so on and so on, but from time to time some people slip through the net and decide for themselves to create their own reality,they believe they can do this and they believe in themselves,they don’t worry about the how’s they just believe in what they want, they let their imagination take them to where they want to be in life and who they want to be, to change your pattern now only takes, believe and repetition, but make no mistake this has to be total believe that you can and deserve the life you want to have, whether it be for you or your family, the repetition will allow those believes to enter into your inner child,  (Your sub-conscious) the same way repetition turned into what you believe now, you have to be very clear on what you want, let your imagination detail every aspect, see it, feel the sensation of obtaining your desire, the bigger the better, never be afraid to reach as high as you want, it is your imagination, you are not harming anyone, it is the most powerful tool you possess,it will allow you to design your own reality,remember what you think is what will be, like attracts like, the how will find its way and guide you to your desire. Your imagination will allow you to imagine what you may feel at this moment as impossible,but an image through your imagination can make anything possible.

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