Autumn is nearly here, and as the winter creeps in we must prepare for the colder weather which takes over us,we need to keep our feeling of well being not only in mind,but also in body, we can do this by preparing ourselves with the minerals we need to get through these seasons, each season comes with something special the landscape changes along with the sky, and we find beauty within each scene and change of colours that surround us, the winter time gives us a great selection of green leaf vegetables which are high in nutricional value preparing our bodies for the condition’s to come with each season.

The minerales we most need during this time our magnesium, calcium,iodine and selenium, 

Magnesium can be found in Vegetables,Chocolate,Nuts and Fish

Calcium can be found in Cabbage,Brocoli,Green beans,Parsnips,Apples,Oranges and pears, and of course in Milk.

Iodine can be found in Brocoli,Spinach,Endives,(generally in a green leaf veg)

Selenium can be found in Nuts,Mushrooms,White beans,sunflower seeds

If we feel tired during the afternoon, try a handful of nuts,or a little dark chocolate………………………..the perfect afternoon energy boost.

Three great reasons to incorporate chocolate, ANTIDEPRESSIVE  did you know that chocloate has a substance (teobromina) that lifts that dark cloud that surrounds you when you feel sad,that invades with no warning, a little chocolate can give you that push you sometimes need, to dust yourself down and get back in the game. ACTIVATOR There is a chemical composition found in cacao,which allows your brain to produce (dopamina) an energy boost both physical and mental to finish our tasks at hand. Its high content of minerales is especially helpful for people in pain,again physical or mental, it will help with stress and you will feel your well being improve. 

When we feel stressed,some of us will turn to food, so during these winter months, make sure you get your full mineral in take, and eating the right things will hopefully give you an energy boost and not a kilo boost…………………….If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you,the perfect combination of healthy body, healthy mind,your well being is all about feeling good about yourself.


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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