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Good morning everyone, phew…… was the weekend, I know you probably need a continuation to catch your breath, we are nearly there, so hang on, you’re doing a great job ! Catch you later, I have been busy and I have a collection of music for you, right up to Christmas Day……stay tuned !!


Now in all honesty, how many of you feel like this little cherub ? I feel after going through my mails and reader that a lot of us are feeling this why, and I include myself, do we take on too much responsibility, do we prepare so much we meet ourselves coming back, is it just the excitement of the coming holidays ? Could … Read More THE TIME OF YEAR !!


CHANGE….The one thing many of us want, but, we choose to excuse ourselves time and time again, this is and is not a good time of the year to discuss change, the reason for that is at the moment we are busy, more than usual with the festive season upon us, and also within no time we will be telling ourselves, what wonderful new … Read More WE CAN CHANGE……TRY IT !


Christmas is such a lovely time for many of us, but, what exactly does it mean ? for each and every one of us, I think that for many it is the excitement of family, it is a time for families to celebrate together this special time of the year, obviously for little one’s it is the excitement of Santa and his wonderful journey, … Read More WHAT DOES CHRISTMAS MEAN TO YOU


This is a time to enjoy, no stress, anxiety, so stop all this worry, and plan a little ahead. This is when a list is most important, you all know I like my lists. So pen and paper at the ready, here are some of the things you may need to list: If you are having your family at home this christmas to eat, … Read More TIPS FOR CHRISTMAS………….

PAY FORWARD !!!………………

With all the gratitude and thanks that is whizzing around the blogosphere this week, I have decided to step up and do my part, this fills me with great joy, and I hope will be helpful to some of you. I am offering a free coaching consult,to anyone who would like to take this opportunity, I would normally in my business do this via … Read More PAY FORWARD !!!………………


Focus, focus on the now and the future, never miss an opportunity, they are all around us !


Everyday, there are no excuses, and no exception !


If we have had great things in our life, is it not a wonderful thought that the best is yet to come, however to achieve this, we have to put the best of ourselves out there every day !


If you are unsure as to what you want in your life at this moment, but you know you want a change, you want to improve some aspect of your life, maybe you can find out what it is, by writing your own story, if you decide to do this short exercise, remember the following points, what you want to get out of this … Read More WRITE YOUR FAIRY TALE REALITY


Would you like a fairytale life ?

Life is wonderful, the good and the bad, but you have to join it to have the full experience !  Take this wonder into your week, and have a great one !

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