SLEEP DETOX………………………………….

Sleep to rejuvenate, It has been proven in science, that sleep is excellent for our brain and body……when we sleep our brain never rests, It puts into motion all the mechanism of auto-recuperation, your cells recuperate, sleeping well is one of the best anti-aging tools you can use. 

The melatonin is the key, as the brain does not sleep, quite the opposite,it is very busy working for you, it is in constant activity so that the following morning it totally renovated ready for you and your day. This hormone that works for you “melatonin” it works like a little clock and is known as the hormone of sleep, it is activated as it grows dark which invites us to sleep, and it does not stop there it has recently been discovered that it helps with various aspects of our health and takes on different functions with our metabolism , it protects us with cardio problems, prevents diabetes, cares for our bone, protects our genes, slows down aging, activates neuro protection and helps our immune system. 

Sleep 1

We need to reach more REM, we repeat this phase between 4 & 5 times if you sleep well, however if we don’t sleep well we will reach less the important time of REM, The four stages are:- somnolence the first time we close our eyes, and feel tired. A light sleep, The muscles relax, as we start to go into a deeper sleep, it is the start of a sleeping cycle and takes approx 50% of the time, Deep sleep or Delta, It is a shorter sleep period but deep, REM,  It is when we dream, it is the phase most necessary for anti-ageing.


Our skin is one of the first to show signs of insufficient sleep, the skin realises a big job of reparation and renovation while we sleep. Sleep induces the production of collagen, which is a key player to keeping young firm skin. Collagen can create a barrier between toxic substances. It is also responsable for firmness and elasticity in our skin. It also plays a role in the holding of water, which are skin always needs. 


When you start to use a detox sleep routine, you start to see great results, Try not to eat any later than 8.30 p.m. this way you give your organism the time to recuperate from any excess during the day. You are giving your body more time to repair, the more hours that pass between your evening meal and breakfast the better. Avoid any kind of screen in the evening, phone, computer etc., it is a known fact that the blue screen (light) version is like sending a message to the brain that it is not time to sleep, and after their use it can be difficult finding peaceful sleep,it is best to have at least 90 mins from using these devices until sleeping time. Attempt to have the perfect conditions in your bedroom, well ventilated and clean, fresh with soft lighting. 

sleep 2


Sleep well,it is important for you and your results of tomorrow


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  1. rugby843 says:

    Very informative, thanks!

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  2. Dave says:

    A very interesting blog post ! Well researched and thought out. Everybody I speak to has insomnia.

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