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Today is a sad day, you may have seen in previous posts, that I have made reference to this great man, I have used his quotes and have always held a special place for him, why I’m not a boxing fan at all, but, I never missed a fight of his, as a child I would be glued to the TV, I think it … Read More MY HERO !!


Human Warmth and Compassion ; Now, we are made to seek happiness. And it is clear that feelings of love, affection, closeness and compassion bring happiness. I believe that every one of us has the basis to be happy, to access the warm and compassionate states of mind that bring happiness. In fact, it is one of my fundamental beliefs that not only do … Read More MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION


It is a known and proven fact that unhappy people tend to be most self-focused and are often socially withdrawn, brooding and even antagonistic. Happy people on the other hand are found to be sociable, flexible and creative and can handle everyday frustrations more easily than unhappy people.and by far are more loving  and forgiving than unhappy people…..Happiness is determined more by one’s state … Read More HAPPINESS………AND YOU


Overcoming Obstacles: By making a steady effort, I think we can overcome any form of nagative conditioning and make positive changes in our lives. But you still need to realise that genuine change doesn’t happen overnight.   All deluded states of mind, all afflictive emotions and thoughts, are essentially distorted, in that they are rooted in misperceiving the actual reality of the situation. No … Read More WEDNESDAY MORNING WAKE UP !


“Money will always match your mindset” Are we really aware of our own limiting beliefs, this really is the most important part of changing anything in our life, our limited beliefs can take everything from us, and we don’t even realise what is happening,have you ever had your pocket picked and never felt or saw a thing ? Until it was to late of … Read More HOW YOU THINK ABOUT MONEY


Overcoming Obstacles:- “Now, no matter what behaviour you are seeking to change, no matter what particular goal or action you are directing your efforts towards, you need to start by developing a strong willingness or wish to do it. You need to generate great enthusiasm. And, here, a sense of urgency is a powerful factor in helping you overcome problems”   “In order to … Read More TUESDAY MORNING TUNE IN !


Good Morning, to everyone, it’s the week end yet again and here we are !! However this week end looks as if we are going to be busy, with the A – Z Challenge, Niki’s Meet & Greet, it’s all happening and a fantastic opportunity for us all to meet, it’s amazing how many people we can meet in just two days, I met … Read More WEEK-END…………………..


Just take a few moments today to read these quotes, shift yourself and your day into another gear……   Give it a try, nothing can happen to you, except you may be greatly surprised !                                                           … Read More JUST A THOUGHT…………..


If you find that your mind is full of nothing, little things that get in our way all day long, just stops us from getting where we want to go. you will be premanently distracted and this will wear you down, and what we have to learn is that these small things are not important, they will make no difference what so ever, if … Read More IT REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE….


Even if we try to avoid stress, it really is not possible, we listen to the news, the radio and we probaly read the press, and of course we see everything on the internet, and there it is, depressing news, it can be regarding the economy, less jobs, a dreadful crime, people struggling in different areas of life , the hungry, the homeless and of … Read More A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT STRESS!!


So, how are we doing with our inspiration and motivation and this great 2016, it’s only the 6th so we should still be on our high and full of new intention’s, however if you have had full family & friend quality time these holiday’s, and you have one or more toxic member’s, also known as emotional leech’s , that drain every bit of life and … Read More TOXIC FAMILY & FRIENDS…….


As you probaly know I am here in Spain, and we are finally on the last days of Christmas, it is not over yet here, We have the spectacular arrival of The Three Kings of the Orient,and that is (Jan 5th) In Spain this is similar to our traditional Christmas eve, known here in Spain as the Good Night,and the arrival of the Kings, … Read More THE THREE KINGS ARE COMING..

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