This is how Valencia (Spain) receives the spring……………..The streets are filled with joy and happiness for the big Valencian Fiesta of Fallas, this is pure tradition art and anyone who has love for this land. This fiesta is in honour of Saint Joseph (Jose) who was a carpenter and the Spanish also know this day as Fathers Day, 

Valencia fallas de noche 1

Valencia fallas de noche 2

The Fallas of Valencia, a festival declared intangible Heritage of Humanity, Prior to the ceremony the jury visits all of the cities sculptures in order to decide upon the winners.

valencia fallas de noche 3

Valencia fallas de noche 4

valencia fallas de noche 5

The above young Valencian women who wear this very elaborate and expensive dress wear, are known as falleras.

In Valencia, this ancient tradition led to the burning of all the accumulated waste, in particularly the wood, at the end of the winter on the feast day of Saint Joseph. Given the reputed humorous character of the Valencian people, it was natural that the people began to burn “figures of well-known people and situations” events of the past year. 

valencia fallas de noche 6

valencia fallas de noche 7

The Fallas de Valencia 15th – 19th March

Spanish Fathers Day 18th March


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  1. Very nice. Informational!

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  2. I find it fascinating how traditions still continues today. I love the women’s clothing.


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