I think this is a wonderful thoughtful gift, from you to your loved ones, it can be very personal and hold special thoughts, I have been busy today, making “Memory Jars” for my loved ones’.

Each one different and special, just as they are to me, I hope that during the year they will collect their wonderful memories and this time next year will open them and think back full of happiness and smiles. There are so many different ways to do this, styles, colours and themes…… is a very personal gift from you to them, you can also do memory jars for weddings, christenings any special occasion, even a holiday memory jar,use your imagination……..even a wish jar !


So many lovely idea’s


Just think how much love could fit in this jar !!


We never remember everything, this way we never forget…….


So, go find your jar, get the creativity juices going and give someone special to you a memory jar !! They will love it ……..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

16 Comments on “SO SPECIAL…………………………

  1. We made a memory jar at work for one of our co-workers who retired. We each wrote down several memories of our years together. She loved it. She retired 4 years ago but still keeps the jar in a prominent place in her home.


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    I had not planned on reblogging this post today, but I have just read a friend of mine on Facebook talking about ideas for Christmas gifts from the heart, So I thought you might find this a very heart felt gift, with the personal touch you wish to give it ❤


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