We all have high and low parts to our day, but we need to be able to spot them before they happen and keep yoursef on track.

How you deal with the first hours of your day are ery important, do you spring out of bed full of energy and excited to start your day, or are you a little night owl you would love an extra hour all snuggled under those sheets, if thats the case you need to buy an extra powerful alarm clock light ( Lumie Bodyclock) that stimulates natural light, this gets the hormones going and suppreses the melatonin that brings on sleep..

A great morning exercise is pilates it energises the whole body and gets your breathing ontrack for the day, deep long breaths, if you can’t face breakfas at least have a little orange juice, if you are a morning person get active as soon as posible its a great way to get into the habit of morning exercise and it allows you to do it before you have any other distractions regarding your day.

You have to remember that we wake dehydrated with low blood sugar and this means low energy, so if you have no breakfast or a coffee on the go! you need to reconsider, a high protein high energy breakfast is the best maybe poached eggs on wholemeal toast, fruit, yogurt porridge, if you cant face breakfast a glass of orange and get outside in natural light for at least 10 mins will do you good also, its a little trick which stimulates production of the feelgood hormone serotonon. Don’t fall into the mid morning slump and think that a coffee and a biscuit will do, wrong! try fruit a handful of nuts or even choclate if its 70% you will actually find that you will consume less calories at lunch time. Lunch time need to be high protein to get you throught the afternoon, try and take a little walk, natural light increases your attention and alertness, a short walk will also boost your heart rate and increase the flow of oxygen in your blood.

Afternoons are usually the lowest point in our day, we start to feel sleepy, if you can take 20 mins of shut eye, thats perfect but if not, stand up and move around to get your metabolism and get the oxygen flowing, stretch out inhale exhale, take a latte the caffeine will give you a boost and the milk will take away any hunger pangs.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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